History of the Neighborhood

Southfield originally was a Naval Air Station in South Weymouth. Operating as an active operational US Navy airfield between 1942-1997.  It was first established as a Navy Blimp base during World War II.  After the war, the base was part of the Navel Air Reserve training Command hosting a variety of Navy and Marine Corps reserve aircraft squadrons and other types of reserve units.

In 1998, the Massachusetts Legislature established the South Shore Tri -Town Development coporation representing the town of Abington, Rockland & Weymouth.  Tri-Town sold it's interests to developer Starwood Land Venture in 2013.  LStar bought those interests in 2015.

History of the Southfield Neighborhood Association

When the first residents of Southfield began to arrive in 2011 the neighborhood was governed by the South Shore Tri-town Development Corporation.  The entity was comprised of two representatives from Weymouth, two from Rockland, and one from Abington.  And none were directly elected from the residents who lived in Southfield.  As the community grew it quickly became apparent that the residents would need a voice of their own to collaborate with the three communities and the Master Developer.  The Southfield Neighborhood Association was created in summer of 2013.

The Neighborhood Association is not a Homeowners or Landowners Association.  The Association is a community organization whose function is to represent the residents of Southfield, including appointing residents to the Southfield Redevelopment Authority’s Board of Directors.  We do this by educating the residents of Southfield on the issues of the day while actively engaging our elected leaders in the community.

Board of Directors

The Southfield Neighborhood Association is led by a Board of seven-person Board of Directors elected by the Association’s Active members; President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Directors.  All seven members represent the entire organization equally. Should you wish to reach out to any individual member of the Board please click their names below.  For general questions for the entire Board, please contact us here.

Southfield Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors